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The world is a handkerchief

Did you know that Dixieland Jazz originated on the Canary Islands? No? Not surprising, because the Isleños and the Canarios didn’t know it either! What a bold statement! But, as is well known, there’s a kernel of truth in every allegation, and I – being a curious nut case – cracked open many nuts full of information to get to it. So, here you are - the facts:


The Roaring Twenties


“Bounce up and down to the rhythm of the drums – keep going, don’t stop. Stick out your bottom, in a way that a tray wouldn’t fall off of it, while the belly helps to sustain your posture. Turn your feet in and out with every step, alternate between knock knees and bow legs, and keep in mind to move your knees in accordance with your feet.




During all of my research, I couldn’t help but ask myself time and again why so many Canarios had emigrated to Louisiana between 1778 and 1784. 2736 emigrants from the Canary Islands are officially recorded on the passenger lists of the ships, yet experts suggest a total of almost 4000 people. Today, there are approximately 40,000 Isleños, i.e. descendants of the Canarios, living in Louisiana (and some documents even claim that there are 70,000!).