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Hier finden Sie das Archiv des Dixiemania Gästebuchs mit Einträgen bis Januar 2017.
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Sally     25 März 2014 16:32 | Germany
Great Website and i love your tunes!

Robert Nunez     06 März 2014 21:00 |
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Marie I can no longer find you on Facebook for some reason. I wanted to share this Youtube Video I made of my Great Grandfather playing " Hello Hello" by R. King Recorded 1-16-1919 in New York City. I hope you and your family are well.
Best Regards
Robert Nunez
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Paula Hernandez-Casady     08 November 2013 05:51 | albuquerque
So nice to read of things my father told me about all of his life. Explains the core of my heart that is tied to jazz and blues. Explains to spirit and soul of my ancestors Los Islenos. Actually found my relatives on both grandparent sides and coming to
Louisiana from the Canary Islands. Found all the names on the ship manifests. WOW.

Peerless     25 Juni 2013 02:24 |
Whoever edits and puiblshes these articles really knows what they're doing.

Robert Gutierrez     18 Mai 2013 21:02 |
Hola a todos Canarios de las islas. Me llamo Robert Gutierrez y soy Isleño de Luisiana. Hay mas de 200,000 descendientes Canarios en Louisiana en total. Soy de la comunidad Isleña de San Bernardo en Luisiana. Un saludo de un amigo de sangre. Saludos con un fuerte abrazo.

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