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2010 awesome. Somehow the seeds planted over the last few years have come up, bearing a delightful crop of fruit: the Dixiemania has turned out to be a real zinger, a great tourist attraction! Our extravaganza and the 1920s parties are on everyone’s lips, always completely sold out! Each audience differs from the previous one every time… and takes our breath away.

Thanks to the huge amount of profit, the renovation of the steam ship Correíllo La Palma has been finished even earlier than we had imagined. Sun worshippers from all over the world flock to the Pyramids of Güímar – and instead of the well-known “omm”, all they think of is Dixieland Jazz. Half a million copies of the Alabama Dixieland Jazz Band’s newest record have already been sold and triggered a true Charleston fever. Our advert for Air Berlin, with the song and same-titled slogan Fly me to the Dixieland”, shot by none other than German director Sönke Wortmann, not only sent us into orbit but also the entire tourist sector. We’re especially proud of teaming up with new partners from the fashion industry: Coco Chanel, Jil Sander, Zara and H&M with their Dixiemania collection… there’s something for everyone! I love Coco! Welcoming Spain’s Crown Princess Letizia at the airport was another splendid highlight, all the more so as she stepped down from the airplane dressed from head to toe in clothes from the 1920s. Oh, and our performance during the inauguration of the museum of the Los Isleños in Louisiana, the TV shows and festivals… I’m losing count of all the events! Without the relentless support of Ricardo Melchior Navarro, the more than likeable president of the Cabildo (I have even been named “Emigrante de honor”, “honorary emigrant”), and Fred Olsen, we would never have achieved our goals so quickly.

And apart from that, success hasn’t been long in coming in other areas either: the book about my famous family was a bestseller right away (no surprise if you think about the date: it was my uncle’s 80th birthday and soon my mother would have turned 85!). Moreover, Hausfrauenrevolution, my housewives’ revolution, is prospering with a new look and a new concept that includes partnership with the economy. Ever since the industry has started to back us up, even politicians have taken an interest in us, the housewives. And more: they communicate with us! Well, and my personal life? I found the man of my life – the second, that is – and we tied the knot in a jiffy, dancing to heaven. The most important news from cloud nine: everyone is healthy and happy. I have even quit smoking because dancing and singing left me all out of breath.

What an awesome year!


...written on January 1st, 2010. No offence – but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right..?