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News from Louisiana


Robert Nunez (Guestbook 2010-03-10)

Marie I am extremely pleased and honored that you pay so much interest and respect for my great grandfather and that you have made his work and life a part of your musical venture. I know that Alcide's daughter my Great aunt Alcide or AL pronounced in the feminine who has passed away and who I knew well and often asked questions about my great grandfather would be very pleased by your interest.

My great aunt AL even let me see and touch my great grandfather’s clarinets. My cousin Robbie now has his clarinets etc. Will you please forgive me for not getting back to you from when we talked many months ago I am overwhelmed by all the research you have done and about the Islenos. I have always wanted to visit the Canary Islands it looks absolutely beautiful. My symphony job keeps me busy from September- may. If only I had the funds to visit I would. I may be able to send you copies of some very bad piano arrangements of some of my grandfather’s songs. If nothing else the melodies are on them and some basic chord structures. I will be in touch. Again thank you so much for your interest and hard work.

Best Regards

Robert Nunez

Great Grandson of Alcide Nunez


Donna Maria Mumfrey-Martin (Guestbook 2010-03-10)

Dear Marie Theres-

Just a personal note of thanks for this most interesting article on the link of the Islenos and Jass''Jazz" in Louisiana and the Americas.  You have completed

a very thorough study of Alcide Nunez and dixiemania... Congratulations on this great success.

I have forwarded your e-mail to Dot Benge, President of the Los Islenos Heritage and Cultural Society.  We can also forward to all who have e-mails in our organization.  Also, I will see that Craig Taffaro, Parish President of St. Bernard Parish has access to same.

Once again, many thanks for all your hard work and efforts, I thoroughly enjoyed the many links that were so interesting in historical data!

Please look up "Irvan Perez" you can review a movie called "Mosquitoes and High Waters" Also try "Irvan Perez-River of Songs" you will enjoy.  He was our most famous decima singer.

Hugs and Kisses to a fascinating Lady.

Donna Maria Mumfrey-Martin


Joan Nunez Phillips (Guestbook 2010-03-13)

In 1778 Manuel Felix Nunez de Villavicencio and his wife Josefa Suarez arrived in Louisiana.  They were first sent to settle Barataria in Louisiana. After tremendous hardships they requested permission to move to the settlement in St. Bernard and were given a land grant at Woodlake in St. Bernard.  They lived there and raised their family. Later my ancestor Estevan Nunez married Sebastiana Delgado whose family was originally from Aguimes in Gran Canaria. My family tree will  be mailed to you. Manuel was born in La Laguna, Tenerife.

I was so excited to find someone who had researched and published information on the artistic side of the Nunez's in St. Bernard. Jazz music is an integral part of the culture of the New Orleans area and the Islenos and as Marie has found. The Nunez family was an important part of that culture.

Marie, I thank you for your countless hours of research and I look forward to working with you.

Joan Nunez Phillips